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Curly Whisker Press Editorial Services

We have a very small number of opportunities for your book to be professionally copy-edited and proofread, provided that we are interested in the book.  This will not lead to a publishing contract with us, but might increase your chances of success as a self-publisher. If you have a good book relating to one of our genres but know that your writing skills are not up to standard, this offer many interest you. Our services will not be the cheapest - we aim to improve your book with great care, not to do a rush job. If you wish to build your reputation on your book you deserve to have a job done well.

Thorough copy-editing is time-consuming because it usually involves liaison with the author in order to deal with queries and ensure that the editor understands the author's intent where any meaning is not clear.

The estimate will depend on the number of errors and/or queries noted in a sample chapter or section of the work.

For further details and to arrange an estimate for the work required please contact us *by email only* with details of your book.

We are especially interested in working with authors in self-help, hypnotherapy and related fields, and also in Jewish books, as our editorial team is knowledgeable in those areas.