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Writing and Publishing

Writer's Digest   Writer's Digest is a wonderful resource for any writer including articles, books, on-line courses and webinars, forums, marketing info and lots of information on their various sites. Books can be obtained in ebook format and you can even subscribe to their whole vast library and read any of their books on-line on your PC or iPhone. Even without making any purchase you can learn a lot from their articles and newsletters.  If you don't know this site already you are definitely missing out - and no, we don't get a penny for this plug as they have no affiliate scheme.

Warrior Plus Warrior Plus is a platform for delivering electronic information products such as e-courses and books. They are well known for publishing e-courses and special reports on publishing for Kindle and other digital platforms, public domain publishing, etc.

Goodreads Find good books to read at this site and also promote your books if you are an author.

Writers' Forum - UK magazine now also available as an app

Resources for Digital Publishing

The Digital Reader - The Best News and Info on Ebooks and eReaders

Kindle Users Forum A forum for Kindle users in the United Kingdom

Kinlib - UK site and US site  An hourly updated list of free books on Amazon for Kindle. Once you get used to the layout you can quickly browse through hundreds of available free books by rating, title or genre. Spending a few minutes on this site, we were able to find a dozen books of interest including several on writing and publishing.

Reclusive Muse  This is the blog of fantasy author Katherine Roberts. It's here because it also contains the Muse Guide to Kindle Publishing, a fantastic series of free lessons on how to format and publish your Kindle book. This guide is better than many full-priced books and courses available and we are using it to help publish our own books.

Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?  A daily blog for professional and independent-minded authors, publishing quality e-books for kindle and other devices.

Improving Your Writing & English Skills


Copyright and Plagiarism

Intellectual Property Office - UK Government site on copyright law and intellectual property.

The UK Copyright Service  A commerical service for registering your copyright works. Site includes an information centre about copyright.

Plagiarism dot org  Major site explaining plagiariam and how to prevent it - mainly for students but very useful for writers.

Avvo  US expert advice site. Contains legal section where lawyers will answer general questions on US copyright law.

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